Humane animal handling is a topic that has received a great deal of attention in the food industry over the past few years. Humane animal handling is the practice and procedures of handling animals from the farm until further processing in a respectable and humane manner. Tennessee Pride has set the standards and has become an industry leader in humane handling practices and the training of associates working in this area.

A commitment to providing high quality, consistent, and safe products is the foundation of our animal handling programs. We have developed written policies and procedures that are reviewed on a continual basis and updated regularly. Each associate involved with animal handling is required to pass a certification course to insure only qualified individuals are handling our livestock.

Odomís Tennessee Pride is also a proud member of the AMI (American Meat Institute) Animal Handling Committee and has been recognized for our achievements in the area of humane animal handling. Director of Procurement, Frank Howell, serves as a board member on the AMIís Animal Handling Committee. In addition, Jim Stonehocker, Chief Operating Officer, was awarded the 2003 Knowlton Innovation Award for dedication to food safety and humane animal handling.
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