For 65 years Odoms Tennessee Pride has represented the best in the sausage industry, featuring the real country flavor that consumers love. The key is an original family recipe that features special spices and only the finest quality fresh pork. Our products are sold in all 50 states and internationally. With complete lines of fully cooked and fresh links and patties, breakfast sandwiches, sausage gravy, and appetizers you are sure to find a place for Tennessee Pride on your menu!

Safety is our #1 focus as a company. We are industry leaders in food safety technology, and therefore produce some of the safest pork sausage products available in the marketplace today. We have won several awards in this area. Humane handling of animals is also a key part of our business process. Animals handled under USDA Humane Handling Regulations produce better products. This is an important area for us, and an AMI Board Member for Humane Handling is a member of our companys management team. For more details, view the Corporate Responsibility section.

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